Doug Buis


Okanagan Hover Okanagan Hover is a multi-room installation, based on the life and dreams of an Italian immigrant, Verona Frelein, living in the Okanagan, sometime in the past. The work includes a canoe that the viewer can lie down in and watch a video of Verona's dream flights, through lava tubes, to outer space and over the landscape. Through two viewing windows, the spectator witnesses parts of the landscapes that Verona had lived in. Her dreams are based on her desire to join a group of nuns living in northern Italy, who had experimented with astronautics in the late 18th century. The nuns had used volcanic vents to propel ceramic capsules into low orbit trajectories. The astronomical project wasn't an entirely unsuccessful one, although they never achieve the goals of spaceflight.

Click here to view video,  "Dream Fights of Verona Frelein"